Professor Nicholas Rengger

Friday 21 September 2018

On September 18th, we received the terrible news that our colleague and friend Professor Nicholas Rengger had passed away. Professor Rengger joined St Andrews in 1996, assuming many positions within the School on International Relations (including Head of School) and the wider University community. Formally, Nick was a professorial fellow at CSTPV. Informally, he was a lot more to CSTPV than that: a faithful attendee at CSTPV lectures (and an invariably astute questioner afterwards), a great encourager, and (as a recent Head of School) a powerful and stalwart ally and patron. Above all he cared deeply about learning and communicated that it should be fun.

CSTPV’s founder and Professor of Terrorism Studies, Bruce Hoffman remarked “Nick was that rarest of academicians: an accomplished scholar & an immensely talented manager. Most of all he was fun to be around. He was an unselfish teacher, mentor, friend, and colleague to many who mourn his death and the enormous hole it leaves in our & his family’s lives” and CSTPV Director Tim Wilson described Professor Rengger as “A towering scholar, a huge encourager, and a true friend to CSTPV.

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