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The CSTPV Blog is a new home for short research pieces on terrorism and political violence. The Blog is dedicated to generating new discussions and perspectives on terrorism and political violence across the globe. Terrorism and political violence 

We welcome submissions from CSTPV and University of St Andrews Students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. If you are interested in writing for the CSTPV Blog check out our submission guidelines. St Andrews students who write for the blog are eligable for the annual award for Best Blog Post which comes with £100 prize.

For enquiries please contact us at [email protected].

Read the latest post here:

The Standoff at Eagle Pass: Out of 18th century divisions, a 21st century constitutional crisis  

Archie Phillipps, 7th February 2024

Meet the Team

The CSTPV Blog is managed by Louise Bain from CSTPV .

All pieces are peer reviewed by academics and associate members of CSTPV.

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