CSTPV Events Semester One, 2018-2019


A full list of events for the School of International Relations can be found here


Paul Wilkinson Memorial Lecture 2018

“Terrorism and Emerging Technologies”: Professor Audrey Kurth Cronin (American University)

Location: School III, St Salvator’s Quadrangle

Time: 5pm

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, this lecture has unfortunately been cancelled


Thursday 11th October

CSTPV Book Launch

Dr Peter Lehr, Counter-Terrorism Technologies: A Critical Assessment

Dr Diego Muro, When Does Terrorism Work?

Location: School I, St Salvator’s Quad, 5pm.




Monday 22nd October

Public Lecture

“Textile Testimonies of Political Violence”: Roberta Bacic.

Location: Arts Lecture Theatre, 5pm




Thursday 8th November

CSTPV Public Lecture

“Justifying Torture in the Public Sphere: Hypothetical Scenarios, Real Consequences”: Dr. Lisa Stampnitzky (University of Sheffield)

Location: School V, 5pm




Monday 19th November

School of IR Lecture Series: Book Launch

Dr. Nick Brooke, Terrorism and Nationalism in the United Kingdom: The Absence of Noise

Location: Arts Lecture Theatre, 5pm



Rule for Rebels


Thursday 22nd November

CSTPV Public Lecture

“Rules for Rebels: The Science of Victory in Militant History”: Dr. Max Abrahms (Northeastern University)

Location: School V, 5pm



Rule for Rebels
Max Abrahms