CSTPV 25th Anniversary Symposium

Terrorism: Its Past, Present and Future Study

A Symposium to Mark the 25th Anniversary of the Foundation of CSTPV

University of St Andrews,
Upper and Lower College Hall,
7-8 November 2019

Day One: Thursday 7 November

Opening remarks by Professor Sally Mapstone (Principal, University of St Andrews)
Session 1:  Terrorism: The Evolution of a Field of Study – Alex Schmid & Lisa Stampnitzky
Session 2:  Terrorism and the Crisis of Western Democracy – Lord Jonathan Evans & Conor Gearty
Session 3: The Social and Political Effects of Terrorism – Martha Crenshaw & Max Abrahms

Day two: Friday 8 November

Session 4:  Religion and Terrorism – Mark Juergensmeyer & Justin Meggitt
Session 5:  How it All Ends: Terrorist Campaigns and their Decline – Audrey Cronin & Sarah Marsden
Session 6: Looking Forward And Back – Chris Andrews & Bruce Hoffman
Concluding Remarks: Tim Wilson