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Dr Benjamin Lee
Senior Research Associate

Ben is a Senior Research Associate at CSTPV. He holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and joined St Andrews in 2020 after holding research posts at Leicester, Northampton, and Lancaster. His research focuses on the extreme-right in the UK and transnationally and is funded by the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST)

Ben’s research work has looked at: extreme-right ideological developments, including the emergence of Siege Culture in the UK and the Anglosphere; organisational change, including the use of online platforms to organise and communicate; communication tools including the use of memes by extreme-right activists; and extreme-right terrorism and related offending, particularly in the UK. Ben is methods agnostic and has an interdisciplinary research background which informs his research in terrorism studies.

Ben has published work in Studies in Conflict & Terrorism; Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism & Political Aggression; Policy & Internet; Perspectives on Terrorism; Democracy & Security; Religion Compass; Politics, Religion & Ideology; New Media & Society; and the International Journal of Press/Politics. He is on the editorial board of Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Ben’s research has also appeared in edited volumes including the Handbook of Conspiracy Theories (Routledge), Analysing Social Media Data and Web Networks (Palgrave); and Digital Extremisms (Palgrave), the last of which Ben co-edited. In addition, Ben has authored several CREST publications, including reports on ideological transmission and learning, and several contributions to the CREST Security Review and website. Hatescape – his first monograph is due to be published by McGill Queen University Press in 2022.

Ben also works closely with policy makers, practitioners, and other stakeholders, both through his research funded by CREST, and on an ad-hoc basis. Ben has previously provided advice and research to the Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Cabinet Office, Prison and Probation Service, a wide variety of security practitioners, media organisations, and a range of other stakeholders.

At St Andrews Ben is running the IR5954 elective on extreme-right terrorism and violence.