Marta Furlan

Marta Furlan


Marta holds a MA in International Studies from the University of Trento


Thesis: From Jihad-making to State-running: Understanding Governance on Part of Jihadist Groups

Supervisors: Dr. Henning Tamm, Prof. Bruce Hoffman

“Rebel Governance at the Time of Covid-19: Emergencies as Opportunities for Rebel Rulers”, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism,

“Understanding Governance by Insurgent Non-State Actors: A Multi-Dimensional Typology”, Civil Wars,

(with Adam Hoffman), “Challenges Posed by Returning Foreign Fighters”, Program on Extremism at GWU,

“The Exploitation of Natural Resources in the Financing of Terrorism: The Case of Syria and Iraq”, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, September 2019.

“Israeli–Saudi Relations in a Changed and Changing Middle East: Growing Cooperation?”, Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, 2019

“From Terrorist Groups to Proto-States: The Evolution of Salafi-Jihadist Non-State Actors After the Arab Spring”, 13th Graduate Conference in Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy, 13th-14th December 2017, Hebrew University of Jerusalem