Rabea Khan

Rabea Khan


Rabea received her BA in International Relations and Law from Oxford Brookes University in 2014. She also holds an M.Litt in International Security Studies from the University of St Andrews. Her M.Litt thesis was entitled ‘Rethinking Religious Terrorism beyond Binaries’ and received the Lord Pittenweem prize for best M.Litt dissertation. Rabea’s PhD thesis builds on her M.Litt project and investigates the gendered as well as racialised code hidden in and constitutive of the concept ‘religious terrorism’.

First supervisor: Professor Caron Gentry
Second supervisor: Professor Karin Fierke

Critical Terrorism Studies, Critical Religion, Religion, Terrorism, Gender, Race, Discourse

Speaking religion: The discursive power and gendered implications of the religious label. Paper presented at

  • Uppsala University, Sweden, 7th November 2019
  • St Andrews Staff and PhD research seminar, 30th October 2019.


The manipulation of positionality: Narcissism, performance and power play, paper co-presented with Dr J.K. Gani at: Extraction, expropriation, erasure? Knowledge production in International Relations: Millennium conference, London School of Economics, 20th October 2019.


Rethinking Religious Terrorism: A Feminist Discourse Analysis of the LTTE, paper presented at: “Rethinking the Politics of Freedom”: 5th Annual St Andrews Graduate Conference in International Political Theory, 21st April 2017, University of St Andrews.


Doubly Feminised, Doubly Dangerous “Religious Terrorism”: A Feminist Discourse Analysis of the LTTE, paper presented at:

  • “Feminism + Knowledge + Politics”, 7th annual International Feminist Journal of Politics conference, 3rd April, 2018, San Francisco, USA
  • “Contemporary Issues in Terrorism Studies”, CSTPV Graduate Conference 2019, 1st March, University of St Andrews.


EWIS Workshop and presentation of paper in progress, 7th June, 2018, University of Groningen, Netherlands.


Invited as Participant for Roundtable discussion: Mainstreaming Gender: What does it mean and where do we go from there?, 5th November 2018, University of St Andrews.


IR1005 Introduction to International Relations (1st year, sub-honours)

IR1006 Foreign Policy Analysis (1st year, sub-honours)

IR2005 Theories of International Relations (2nd year, sub-honours)


Workshop convenor:

Academic Skills: Writing and Researching IR essays (1st year, sub-honours)

Academic Skills: Understanding and using Theories in IR (2nd year, sub-honours)


IR2005: Theories of International Relations (Lectures on Feminism in IR)