Lydia Cole

Lydia Cole

Associate Lecturer

My research spans several fields of inquiry including feminist international relations, feminist security studies, transitional justice, and human rights. It is informed by ethnographic, artistic, and practice-based research methodologies which I use to explore questions of subjectivity, knowledge, and recognition in the context of political violence. Currently, my research focuses in on two central areas

1. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
My work in this area examines post-conflict responses to sexual and gender-based violence. I am particularly interested in legal, psychological, and testimonial frames of post-conflict justice and the subjects that this makes possible.

2. Visual Arts and Conflict Textiles
A member of the commissioning team for Stitched Voices – a major exhibition of conflict textiles in Aberystwyth Arts Centre – I continue to work on issues of gender, political violence, visual art and textiles.

Office: 235

Office hours: Thursday 2-4pm

P: +44 01334462920


Cole, L. (2017). ‘An Encounter in Fieldwork: Subjectivity and gendered violence’. International Feminist Journal of Politics. 19(3): 388–389.


Other Media

Cole L. (forthcoming) ‘Teaching with Global Conflict Textiles,’ Stitched Voices.

Cole, L. (2017) ‘Stitched Voices: An Exhibition of Textile Resistance in Aberystwyth and the World,’ EGO Magazine, March Issue.


IR5007 Terrorism and Liberal Democracy

IR5924 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

IR5954 Terrorism Electives



IR2005 Theoretical Approaches to International Relations (Poststructuralism)

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Teaching Enhancement Fund, University of St Andrews (£997.45)

Contemporary Voices in International Relations, Co-Editor of Creative Interventions Section

School of International Relations Global Challenges competition, Academic Mentor