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The Transnational Extreme-Right: Past, Present, and Future Podcast

For movements, groups, and subcultures built on and around nationalism, the extreme-right has a somewhat paradoxical interest in developing cross national links. Historically extreme-right groups have sought to establish connections with ideological fellow travellers as well as cultivate support from sympathetic regimes. In the current environment the internet has collapsed geographical distances even further, cross national extreme-right groups have emerged, and right-wing terror attacks now have international profile and ramifications. Meanwhile, individual militants have been able to travel to experience foreign battlefields first-hand. The future holds the potential for the ever-further expansion of international ties, as well as the challenge of addressing hardening societal attitudes towards the extreme-right and a possible retreat to more localised (and harder to police) activism.

We explore these issues in a series of three linked online events hosted by the Centre for the Study of Terrorism & Political Violence at St Andrew’s University and supported by the Centre For Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST).

Chair: Dr Tim Wilson, University of St Andrews

Bàrbara Molas, York University (Toronto)

 Transnational Francoism: The British and The Canadian Friends of National Spain (1930s-1950s)

Dr Paul Jackson, University of Northampton

Transnational neo-Nazism in the 1960s: The World Union of National Socialists

Chair: Dr Sarah Marsden, University of St Andrews

Noah Tucker, University of St Andrews

From ‘Family Values’ Diplomacy to Pan-Eurasianism and Armed Insurgency: The Evolving Political Utility of Russian Far-Right Internationalism 

Marilyn Mayo, Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism 

The Internationalization of White Supremacy

Dr Kacper Rekawek, Counter Extremism Project (soon to be C-REX, University of Oslo)

Tip of the Spear: Far-Right Violence Abroad 

Chair: Dr Olivia Brown, University of Bath

Dr Ryan Scrivens, Michigan State University

Global Reach, Local Presence: Future Trends in the Transnational Extreme Right-Wing Movement Online

Julia Ebner, Institute For Strategic Dialogue

 LARPS, Trojan Horses and DIY Terrorism 

Dr Benjamin Lee, University of St Andrews

Think Global, Act Local