Powered in part by the internet, but also growing global uncertainty about the future, extremist ideas and narratives have become both readily accessible and attractive to some sections of the population. Extremism was launched to provide a home for research conversations around political and religious extremism that are outside the traditional remit of terrorism studies. While terrorism and violence are often linked to extremism, not all extremists are terrorists, and we believe that extremist groups, movements, ideologies, mobilisations, and subcultures are distinctive phenomena worthy of study in themselves.

This journal is aimed at academics, research students, policy makers, and practitioners with an interest in political and/or religious extremism.

Extremism is a high-quality, peer-reviewed, open access journal, addressing the broad phenomenon of political and religious extremism. We welcome contributions from researchers and practitioners interested in political and religious extremism broadly defined. This includes contributions that address: conceptual issues around extremism; specific extremist groups and subcultures; violence and other harms arising from extremism; ideology, narratives, and doctrine in extremist spaces; the relationships between extremism, terrorism, and the mainstream; approaches to countering extremism; methodological approaches; ethical issues; and other issues relating to extremism. Extremism is methods agnostic and we also welcome high-quality descriptive research where it makes a genuine contribution to knowledge.    

A man in a mask standing in front of a tire fire
Image: Manifestaciones en Chile, Octubre 2019, Elias Arias - https://unsplash.com/@imgoldenboi; Logo design by Becky Stevens - www.beckystevens.com
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Extremism publishes three issues a year and is an online only journal.

Extremism is an open access journal. This means that content on this site is available free through a Creative Commons license (CC-BY). Generally, this means you are free to download and share content as you wish. Extremism does not charge authors for publishing their work. 

This site, within the web pages of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) is temporary, designed to showcase the scope of the journal and preview content.

We plan to publish launch issue one in September 2021 on our own site, powered by Open Journal Systems. A link to the site will be made available at this page on publication of issue one.