Certificate in Terrorism Studies

The Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence and Informa Connect, jointly offer an unparalleled professional education and training in terrorism, the causes of terrorism and how we respond. This programme covers the history of terrorism, assesses the developing challenges and focuses on specific environments – such as terrorists’ use of the internet, and the financing of terrorism. E-learning content is delivered in a collaborative learning environment, with tutor support for offline written assignments. In today’s complex security environment, the Certificate enhances the skill and knowledge base so critical to responding to the growing phenomenon of terrorism.

Experienced professionals will enhance their knowledge and sharpen their skills with the latest information and thinking about terrorist organisations and the threat they pose. Likewise, heads of organisations stand to benefit, as with this programme they now have an opportunity to help their staff develop their understanding in the causes of terrorism, the variety of responses undertaken to the terrorist threat and how this may impact your sector directly.