“With leftovers of fabric and simple stitches, the women embroidered what could not be told in words”. 
Isabel Allende

‘Threads’ evoke fragility; thin, delicate, easily broken. Yet, when woven together they transform, and become strong. Threads, War and Conflict speaks to the power of testimony to connect. Through stitch, each piece makes present an unheard story. When woven together, the textiles speak to both the intimate lives of their makers and to the challenges that affect the fibre of our world.

Threads, War and Conflict presents a range of textiles from the Conflict Textiles collection. Made in a diverse range of global contexts, each is a textile testimony of war, political violence, displacement, and disappearance. Each resonates with the defiance, hope and fear which so often accompanies situations of war and conflict.


3rd April – 29th April

‘Threads, War and Conflict’ at the Byre Theatre

29th March – 29th April

‘Threads, War and Conflict: Satellite Exhibition’ at University of St Andrews Library

12th, 19th & 26th April

Masters Workshops, ‘Responding to Threads, War and Conflict: Letters to Arpilleristas’ (invitation only)

3rd April, 4.15-5.45pm

Exhibition Launch at the Studio, Byre Theatre

22nd April, 5-7pm

‘Knowing Through Needlework? Conflict Textiles and the Study of War and Violence in International Politics’ with Dr Berit Bliesemann de Guevara (Aberystwyth University), Arts Lecture Theatre

24th April

Threads, War and Conflict Conference (invitation only)