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Headshot - Dr Rabea Khan

Dr Rabea Khan
PhD Alum

Rabea successfully defended her PhD thesis in June 2021 with a thesis entitled the ‘The Gendered Coloniality of the Religious Terrorism Thesis: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Religious Labels and their Selective Use in Terrorism Studies’. Rabea’s work is interdisciplinary and brings together the fields of Critical Terrorism Studies and Critical Religion, utilising gender and decolonial theory. Rabea also holds a BA in International Relations and Law from Oxford Brookes University and received her M.Litt. in International Security Studies from the University of St Andrews in 2015.

Rabea was the main organiser of the 2018 CSTPV Graduate Conference Contemporary Issues in Terrorism Studies. She has peer-reviewed articles for St Andrews’ Contemporary Voices in International Relations and previously worked as a tutor for undergraduate students in International Relations modules. She has also delivered the lectures on ‘Feminist theory in IR’ for the undergraduate module ‘Theories in International Relations’ in 2019 and designed and convened workshops for CEED’s Academic Skills Project for undergraduate IR students.

Rabea has previously published with Critical Research on Religion and is currently working on her first manuscript, based on her doctoral thesis.