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Exploring Right-Wing Terrorism

In-depth analysis of the violent Extreme Right: its past, present and future prospects

Northern Ireland

Commentary and analysis on terrorism and political violence in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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The work conducted by staff and students of both CSTPV and the Centre for Research and Evidence of Security Threats

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CSTPV Bookshelf

The books written and
edited by CSTPV staff

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CSTPV Occasional Papers

A collection of the best, previously unpublished research from CSTPV


CSTPV Short Papers

Outstanding coursework by CSTPV Masters students from around the world.

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Media Commentary

CSTPV staff's commentary in newspapers and televised news

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Studies in Terrorism and Political Violence Monograph Series​

A series of books on terrorism and political violence in association with Lynne Rienner.

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PREVENT in Highlands and Islands

Dr Nick Brooke's research project on how PREVENT legislation is practised in the Scottish Highlands and Islands