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The Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) is dedicated to the study of the causes, dynamics, characteristics and consequences of terrorism and related forms of political violence. Our academics provide research on terrorism and political violence around the globe and from across the political and cultural spectrum. In doing so, it is committed to rigorous, evidence-based, scholarly analysis that is policy-relevant but independent. Founded in 1994, the Centre is Europe’s oldest for the study of terrorism. CSTPV has been able to expand its research and teaching work as the result of a generous recent donation from the Worldwide Support for Development (WSD), chaired by Japanese philanthropist Dr Haruhisa Handa.

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CSTPV offers a variety of courses, both part-time and full-time, for all levels wanting to study terrorism and political violence. 

The Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Terrorism Studies are perfect for professional development and can be used as an entry point to further learning. 

The MLitt in terrorism and political violence is a post-graduate course which can be taken as a residential full-time or distance-learning part-time course.

CSTPV is at the forefront of terrorism and political violence research. We have research collections, the CSTPV occasional paper series, and our academics’ media commentary available for free for anyone interested in terrorism and political violence research.

Our academic members have also published and contributed to many books. You can see them all in our virtual bookcase.

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