Exploring Far-Right Terrorism

Whatever else it may have been, the early 21st  century has proven to be a particularly creative laboratory for right-wing terrorism. Here violent experimentation has thrived against a general backdrop of populist outrage: and in the widening gyre of endless culture wars and social media storms. Above all, it is far-right terrorists who have pioneered the template of the lone killer as civilizational saviour; and the slaughter of the innocents as live-streamed performance spectacle.

CSTPV has a venerable tradition of taking such violence from the far-right seriously. Indeed, the Centre’s founders, Paul Wilkinson and Bruce Hoffman, were amongst the very first scholars to engage analytically with neo-fascist violence as early as the mid-1980s. That tradition of taking long term and deeply contextualised views of the extremist threat on the Right continues up to the present day.

Here we showcase some of the recent work that has been done on far-right violence at the Centre that we believe deserve a wide readership. Both staff and students have contributed to this section: and the pieces selected are deliberately diverse in both their focus and approach. We hope you will find them illuminating – however uncomfortably so.